I wish I'd done that...


By Claire Scott


Well, 3 things to be precise…


The first one is a real head turner, literally. ‘People of Bordeaux, the sky is at your fingertips’. And, thanks to EasyJet, it actually is. The advert runs along both sides of a corner of Bordeaux’s Place de la Bourse, and can only be read in the reflection of the Garonne River. The installation is in place for the whole of October and EasyJet are inviting people to share a photo of it using #UpsideTown. The most beautiful image will win a trip for two to a destination of their choice.

Inverting the words and turning this poster upside down has turned something pretty ordinary into something pretty extraordinary. First class, EasyJet.

Toni and guy.jpg

The second piece of work that caught my eye is Toni and Guy’s ‘Posters with Style’ from Singapore. How to make OOH posters stand out? Transform paper in the same way that Toni and Guy can transform your hair! Unleashing their stylists to create these stylish posters that were displayed in shopping malls. I love everything about them; the minimalist illustration style, the tactility, the colours. So simple. So brilliant. SO effective.


Talking of stylish, the third thing to have caught my eye in the last few weeks (and everyone else’s too) is Killing Eve. I’m not talking about what a brilliant show it is (it definitely is) but rather, THAT typeface. How the blood drips down from a different letter in the animated logo. A simple, clever, touch. Not to mention the beautiful colour combos.

All 3 examples show top-notch executions of simple ideas at their best. No fancy effects, no fancy technology, just simply brilliant ideas.

I wish I’d done them all, simple as that.

Claire Scott