Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan


This month, amongst a regurgitation of the same old photos of ‘Back to School’ POS sitting next to alcohol, here’s the round up of the bravest and best work that launched into the market.


Huawei’s ‘JU%CE that lasts’

One clear sign that summer is over and Christmas is on its way is Apple launching a new iPhone.  This year, as the world (and the endless queue of the unwashed that camp out for weeks), held its breath for the iPhone XS & XR, Huawei decided this was an ideal time to cause some mischief and take a few digs at Apple.

The newest kids on the block took advantage of a captive audience on Regent Street to drum home their superior battery life by turning up with their ‘JU%CE that lasts’ van. Parked right outside the store, the van allowed waiting Apple users to charge their phone while also receiving refreshments, none of which contained an apple ingredient, by posting on Twitter with the hashtag #HigherIntelligence.

Huawei is due to release a new phone on October 16th so we’re eager to see whether Apple have a comeback.


Nike & Kaepernick

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the legendary ‘Just Do It’ slogan, Nike made sure they were trending across the world with the controversial Kaepernick TV spot.

Now, using Kaepernick is an extremely brave choice because of his views rather than his sport, which is unusual for a sports brand. Nike have seen an opportunity to cultivate an entire generation of consumers, who are up for grabs at a moment where the lines between culture, politics and activism are blurry and inspire them to believe they can do anything – they’re thinking forward, rather than focusing on how many consumers they might lose.

Ironically, if you take him out of the ad, there is nothing controversial about it. “Don’t ask if your dreams are crazy; ask if they’re crazy enough” seems like it could be a tag line to practically any Nike ad campaign which further underlines why Kaepernick is the genius choice.

After an initial bout of social media ‘burning’ of Nike products, a huge spike in dialog and a 31% rise in sales is a sure sign Nike are reaping the rewards of their bravery.


Jonnie Walker – White Walker

Collaborations or licensing can often go wrong – just look at this summer’s Jerk Rice fiasco. These can damage the brand itself or even worse, the perception of the brand to would-be or loyal consumers. But when you get it right it can be brilliant!

Diageo, in collaboration with HBO® and Game of Thrones, have unveiled a new limited-edition blend of Johnnie Walker called White Walker. In reference to this character, the rare blend has been created to be enjoyed straight from the freezer. This innovation, and the collaboration itself, is a clever move with an overall aim to appeal to a new, younger customer base.

The bottling exudes desirability with the iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man fashioned in the armour of the Night King’s forces while the use of thermo-sensitive inks cause the design to change when placed in the freezer.

As a big whisky fan I’m already looking forward to the fact that ‘Winter is Coming’.

Claire Scott