Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan

This month, as we start the never-ending ‘2 for 1’ theme park entry season, a few pieces of work have entered the market and, in my opinion, risen to the top.

Watch it  here

Watch it here

Oasis Togetherness Bottle

Taking a swipe at the state of today's advertising and a massive punch in the face to the likes of Heineken’s Worlds Apart and Dove’s Real Beauty campaigns, Oasis have come up trumps with the latest instalment of their long running #RefreshingStuff marketing strategy.

Centred around the Togetherness Bottle - a bottle with a neck at both ends – which aims to get strangers to share Oasis together, at the same time - perfectly highlights the trend of worthy advertising, where you’re led to believe its all about saintliness not sales.  

Oasis ends its skit with the line ‘Harmony – Just a billion sales away’ before informing you not to look for the bottle in shops, as it doesn’t fit on shelves. Don’t despair; the Togetherness Bottle will be available to win through social if you show yourself locking lips, over a bottle, with a stranger.

See the  case study

See the case study

Greggs 'Gregory & Gregory'

Snobs exist in all walks of life, whether it's your self-proclaimed wine expert, your supermarket luvee who wouldn’t buy their locally-sourced organic ingredients from anywhere else but Waitrose or new aged Shoreditch hipster that just digs avocados.

Well Greggs fooled them all and what’s even better caught it all on camera. Going undercover at an artisan food festival under the name of Gregory & Gregory, Greggs showcased its new summer menu by allowing these toffs to waffle on about how good it tastes.


Currys PC World TV Box

There’s a rather big international football tournament so right on cue Currys PC World have rolled out their free TV promotion. Now some people say Currys PC World started running this even before football was invented. It is definitely in need of a modern touch but the advertising out of home has scored a worldie!

Normally 48 sheets full of football stars or even worse actors pretending to be footballers (don’t do it!) are ten a penny in the lead up to the World Cup, but not Currys PC World. While encouraging fans to go big for the big games they have gone big too with giant 3D TV box installations in a number of sites across the capital. An impactful, brave tactic that has definitely set them apart this summer.


Claire Scott