Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan

This month, as we as a nation enjoyed a summer heatwave (finally!) and convinced ourselves that ‘Football’s coming home’, here’s a round up of the bravest and best work in the market.


Boots Soltan

As we bask in summer sun, the Boots Soltan campaign is more apparent than ever. This brilliantly art directed campaign aims to help parents understand the scarily true damage UVA can do to the skin of their families.

In a harder hitting creative approach, a series of images depict various children enjoying the sun, seemingly unaware of the tattooed “sun damage for life” message on their face or chest delivers the message in a very simple, yet impactful way.

We’re led to believe that no children were actually tattooed in the production of this campaign but stranger things have happened in advertising.



Just sneaking into June by the skin of its fossilised teeth (ok it was 31st May) is what appears to be a triple-branded stunt promoting Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Jeep Wrangler and Amazon itself.  A Jurassic-sized box was seen driving across Los Angeles featuring air holes and the hashtag #AmazonFindsAWay.

Not only did this cause a s**tload of social buzz, but passersby could interact by asking Amazon Echo’s Alexa, what’s inside the box? The answer being an immersive experience that cleverly brought all the screeching, yelling and chaos of the Jurassic World movies straight into your living room.


Domino's Paving for Pizza

Across the pond the first world struggles of pizza-lovers would seem to be very true if Domino’s new campaign is to be believed. After receiving 1000s of social message stating takeout pizzas were being damaged in transit, Dominos decided to take the matter into their own hands.

Launching ‘Paving for pizza’, which believes ‘Bad road shouldn’t happen to good pizza’, Dominos set out repairing potholes. Starting in Bartonville, Texas, they fixed the 8 major culprits on the towns major pizza routes. Now 4 towns and 300 potholes later they are now asking consumers to nominate their towns online while offering takeout price deals and special reinforced boxes to stop ‘Irreversible pizza damage’.


Ikea Pride

As many a brand celebrates Pride, Ikea Canada weren’t to be left out. But how could Ikea make a mark… a rainbow duvet set, bag, coasters? No, team up with Toronto’s best drag queens and create ‘runway ready’ outfits made out of Ikea products. These creations were the showstoppers for their latest campaign, DRÄG, part of Ikea’s ‘Beautiful Possibilities’ platform spotlighting diversity and inclusion. Additional content generated from the fashion show would bring to life the person behind the design via multiple platforms during the campaign.

Now here at The Brave Few, we love a drag. So much so our blu Brighton Pride activation, which used the UK best drag queens, caused a scene and gained global coverage. If you haven’t seen it for yourself, take a look here.

Claire Scott