Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan


Now that we’ve all fallen off the wagon of dry January, here’s the round up of the bravest and best work that launched into the market.


Shutterstock ‘Be on Fyre’

Supermodels, yachts and Pablo Escobar … yes I’m obviously talking about Fyre Festival. The disastrous 2017 luxury music festival that couldn't possibly live up to the viral hype it generated with the help of super famous social media influencers.

Well, Shutterstock have just shown how Billy McFarland and Ja Rule could have saved buckets of cash with their promo video by creating one of their own using their intensive catalogue of stock footage.

The parody trailer, which is hot off the back of the Netflix documentary, took less than a day to complete at a cost of £1,600, making an impressive saving on Fyre Festival's promo, which reportedly saw the organiser's pay influencers in the region of a quarter of a million dollars.

Now I can’t imagine it was quite as fun as filming the original Barbadian Fyre Festival trailer but it’s a clever, relative and sharable way to promote a usually low-interest service. Plus, if I ever need footage of swimming pigs, I now know where to go!

Carlsberg sweater card.jpg

Carlsberg ‘SweaterCard’

Now, we’ve all got a go-to Christmas jumper that we roll out year after year, but Carlsberg has developed the ultimate Christmas jumper that can be used across the seasons. In fact, it’s probably the only sweater in the world which gives you free Carlsberg beer.

The SweaterCard, framed as ‘The perfect gift for those who want to bring the Christmas spirit into the bar’, has contactless technology embedded into its sleeve which can be used at any payment terminal for unlimited pints of Denmark’s finest lager.

The campaign, released in Portugal, is another first for Carlsberg and the perfect way to make friends on a night out without spending a fortune. The best sweater in the world? Probably.


Barclaycard ‘The Crystal Barn’

Bonkers, weird, a piss-take… Barclay’s new Barclaycard Business ad has been called a lot of things but this new brand direction is definitely brave.

The spot is part of the new ‘We take business seriously’ campaign. Barclaycard travels to a remote farm in the Midlands, where we’re introduced to the quirky family business, The Crystal Barn.

Founders Andrew and Claire sell crystals and teach crystal therapy and energy healing courses. Already not quite your regular run-of-the-mill business, the spot highlights how the business’ finances have changed since the introduction of contactless.

The use of the weird 1970’s fade in, fade out filter and starry background doesn’t lend itself to the bank’s high-brow credentials, but the comical script, which includes Andrew haphazardly trying to explain directions to his shop, is cleverly put together and definitely memorable.

While it’s refreshing to see a bank marrying the human-interest angle with humour, the watch-out going forward for Barclaycard is whether this tact shows they actually take the businesses and the people that run them – their own customers – seriously.