Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan


February’s been and gone already but here’s the round up of the bravest and best work that launched into the market.


Paddy Power ‘Paddy’s Rewards Club’

Paddy Power loves to push the moral boundaries and its latest offering ‘Loyalty is dead’ brings one of the most controversial family feuds back into the limelight.

In an unashamed nod to the 2011 Giggs scandal, where Ryan did the dirty on his brother, Rhodri Giggs has become the face of Paddy’s Reward Club.

The ad, full of witty innuendoes and sly digs like pub posters advertising ‘Wandering cock’ craft beer and tea being served in Man City mugs, promotes the anti-loyalty scheme, where punters receive a range of rewards every week rather than collect points etc like other bookies.

Whether it increases sign up and spend is one thing but it’s a clever way to generate noise and PR around the platform.



Now, we all know parts of the Thames are grim. It’s not surprising with 300 tonnes of rubbish cleared from the iconic London river every year.

Well, as part of IKEA’s launch in Greenwich, two unique remote controlled boats that will clear rubbish from the polluted waterways have been unveiled.

The boats, designed to emulate IKEA’s bestselling bath toy SMAKRYP, each use ‘Orca’ technology, which allows them to collect up to 20kgs of rubbish at one time.

As part of the initiative, the rubbish collected will be upcycled into a unique sculpture that will take pride of place at the newly opened IKEA Greenwich store. This latest initiative is part of the bigger IKEA environmental drive and definitely a brave way to get the local public on board for the new store.  


KLM ‘Take-off Tips’

Waiting at airport departure gates can be tedious at the best of times, so imagine if you could discover the best-kept secrets of your destination from a local while you kill time. Well, Dutch airline KLM has just done that.

Whether it’s the places to visit, hidden eateries or where the locals drink, ‘Take-off Tips’ allow passengers to exchange local tips and cultural insights that aren’t in tourist guidebooks.

All this is done through a purpose-built hologram bar which uses 3D facial scanning, allowing you to have a real time conversation, just as if you were sitting next to each other.

A memorable experience which actually makes waiting enjoyable – and one that could make your holiday even better!