Brave work worth sharing


By David Ryan


This month, looking back on the glorious sunny August days, here’s the round up of the bravest and best work that launched into the market.


Kipling’s BFG

Back again for 2018, Mr Kipling has continued its partnership with Roald Dahl, launching new mouth-watering flavours for families and big kids alike to enjoy. While ‘Splendiferous Summer’ produced some great work, other elements fell flat. The packs looked fantastic, while the shopper displays and promotion, to borrow a phrase, were ‘Exceedingly’ ropey.

The show-stopping masterpiece of the whole campaign happened on a bench at the top of Primrose Hill mid August. A 7 1/2 meter statue of the loveable BFG entirely made of cake - 7,500 Mr Kipling cakes to be precise. This glorious piece of artistry didn’t scrimp on detail, taking food artist Michelle Wibowo over 200 hours to create and weighing in at ½ tonne. This is the kind of commitment that even Mary Berry would be proud of and caused a real stir with families and passers-by.

If we do see Mr Kipling bring this back for a third year hopefully they take this activation as the benchmark to keep the quality high across the whole campaign.


Costa ‘Chatting Tables’

We’re famous here in the UK for the ‘Don’t talk to me’ attitude when it comes to the tube, bus, supermarket… the list is endless. Now, I’m the first one to run a mile if someone ever tried to talk to me before my first coffee on the morning commute, but a destination area for people who want a chinwag shouldn’t be frowned at.

That’s exactly what Costa is doing in 300 of their stores, joining a new initiative called Chatty Café. Why? It’s all part of battling loneliness, which is on the rise. A problem that has typically been viewed as an older generation issue has been seen to actually affect all ages, with young university students and middle-aged men registering highly.

Costa found that 63% of drinkers are hesitant to start a conversation with someone they don’t know, but 75% said they’d like more real-life conversations. So dedicated ‘Chatter & Natter’ tables will allow people that are after much needed human interaction to sit down knowing they are surrounded by like-minded people. Now, it’s maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, or coffee, but if it help combat loneliness, even for just a handful of people, it’s well worth it!

Claire Scott