Where have all the brave clients gone?


By David Ryan


2017, so it would seem, wasn’t a great year for creativity. Lack of award entries and governing bodies falling by the wayside is proof enough.

A few nuggets have risen to the top, and rightly so, but it seems uninspiring, emotionally disconnected, ‘safe’ work is all the rage at the moment. It seems ‘don’t rock the boat’ and ‘follow the herd’ has become a client mantra.

Rolling out the same execution year after year and expecting it to stop people in their tracks is foolish but there also seems a lack of innovation or passion to put this right.

Where is the brand work that inspires, makes people act and more importantly makes you wish you had done that? Now ever-changing landscapes, procurement penny pinching and silo thinking could all have played their part but this isn’t going to change overnight.

So instead of licking wounds or lamenting what could have been, things need to change and quickly. These negatives need to be turned into positives and act as a challenge for brands and creativity to evolve.

2018 has to be the year of the brave. Brave strategies, brave ideas and most importantly brave clients.

Every piece of work, whatever the brief, needs to be smarter, every penny needs to work harder and every client needs to form a collaborative team with their agency.

Brand trust is at an all time low. They’re lacking a human connection and need to become relevant to people’s lives if they ever going to form relationships that last. They need brave ideas people want to share with others, on their own terms. It’s this approach that gets brands noticed, starts conversations, gets shared on social and demands coverage.

From today that’s all you’ll get from us. Ideas that cut the bullshit and actually engage people, get them talking, buying and wanting more.

Fortune favours the brave and we’re determined to make a difference and put brave brands with brave clients back on top where they belong.

Claire Scott